The foundation of our products

Core of our work is the systematic collection and data-driven analysis of all available innovative solutions for state and administration. We call those solutions Government Tech or GovTech.

To this end, we have built a comprehensive data core of over 1,850 European GovTech providers listing their product portfolio as well as previous references, which we are constantly updating and expanding.

Based on our data core, we develop various products that provide knowledge around GovTech and thus simplify its procurement and use within the public sector.

GovMind Insights Service

GovMind Insights Service is the central tool for a comprehensive understanding of the GovTech vendor landscape in Europe, with over 1,800 specially curated vendor profiles to help identify suitable vendors or to holistically understand the GovTech universe and identify trends.

Vendor profile in detail

Vendor profile in detail

Vendor overview

Vendor overview

Data visualisations

Data visualisations

Content Creation and Consulting

We create data driven studies on GovTech, develop content for webinars or online courses and provide individual consulting services. A prerequisite for such services is the use of our GovMind data core in order to support clients and partners comprehensively and swiftly.

Content Creation

For example, we have developed an online course on GovTech that is available to all government employees through the non-profit School of Government and Technology.


Our consulting services cover the following areas:

  • Analysis of GovTech subdomains in terms of relevant trends and patterns
  • Exploration, analysis and evaluation of GovTech providers for a specific demand situation or an already existing call for tender
  • Assessment of GovTech potential for an administrative service that is to be made available online

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