We systematically gather data on GovTech and make it accessible to public administrations

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The digitisation potential of public administrations is matched by a wide range of digital solutions

The digitisation potential of public administration is enormous. It is matched by a wide range of possible digital solutions (“GovTech universe”). With +5,000 relevant start-ups alone, numerous new businesses and a wide range of applications, the GovTech Universe offers many possibilities, but is also confusing and complex.

The lack of information on the GovTech universe makes it difficult for public administration to digitize

The GovTech universe is intransparent and complex. The applicability and relevance of digital solutions for public administrations often remain unclear. This makes it difficult to formulate sound digitization strategies.

GovMind systematically captures data on GovTech and makes it accessible for the digital transformation in the public sector

By providing a systematic, data-driven mapping of the GovTech universe, decoded along the functions of the public sector, GovMind makes digital solutions accessible and usable for public administrations.

Our approach: An intelligence service for GovTech

GovMind manages a central intelligence service, which allows our clients to gather specific knowledge about GovTech on their own

Encompassing data core

GovMind builds a comprehensive data core that encompasses the GovTech universe with all its digital solutions, companies and technologies and structures them in a meaningful way.

High data quality

The individual data points, in the first step primarily represented by GovTech start-ups, show a multitude of relevant and comparable criteria, which are constantly updated.

Customized use

Through its intelligence service, GovMind makes the entire data core accessible to clients, who in this way generate knowledge independently and tailored to their own needs.

GovMind’s intelligence service comprises a number of basic functions and is the starting point for individualized product requests

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Basic functions of the intelligence service

Visualized mapping of the entire GovTech universe

Searchable directory of all relevant GovTech solutions

Depiction of GovTech trends and market developments


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