About us

GovMind is a young technology company from Berlin. The core of our work is the systematic analysis and data-driven creation of knowledge about the GovTech universe. On this basis, we develop scalable knowledge offerings that make GovTech understandable and accessible, such as the GovMind Insights Service. In this way, we enable public administrations to make use of the full potential of GovTech – and thus contribute to the digital transformation of state and governments.

GovMind was founded in 2020 by Manuel Kilian. GovMind’s strategic partners include the GovTech venture firm PUBLIC and the software development experts from Venture Leap.

Our approach

Our work is based on three fundamental principles:

Topic focus

Our work focuses on GovTech alone. The GovTech universe is so complex that we concentrate all our activities and resources exclusively on this topic to support our clients in the best possible way.

Primacy of data

The basis of our work is the systematic collection and processing of data on GovTech. This data-based approach allows us to research efficiently and achieve results that would not be possible with other methods.

Network of experts

Our broad network with knowledgeable actors in the public sector, start-up ecosystem, venture capital and academia optimally complements our data-driven approach.


GovMind GmbH

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